Definitely five star treatment from start to finish.Understanding people who grasped exactly what I wanted and how,and were able to do it that way.Later,during the review,the few things that needed to be adjusted were taken care of with no complaints,problems or extra costs.I was absent during the entire job,and came back to a new apt.thatI absolutely love.

Nanci Vollbehr


I sell appliances to various contractors along with homeowners. I always have people asking for help with renovations. I find that perfect ten has never let me down when I recommend them for a job, no matter how small nor how big. Very professional and extremely reliable. The jobs they finish are an art form. When I recommend them, I put my name out there, and I am proud to say they are on point. Do yourselves a favor and CONTACT THEM, and see the jobs that they have completed (the only true way to see what they are capable of) and then decide.

Gus D



It comes as no miracle that what makes decency in an individual has habit of extending into their own professional person. Such qualities, to name a few, regularly include: devotedness, patience, perseverance, integrity, and so on., none of which could so fully exist if not for a deep sense of pride in one’s own work. And, sometimes, with enough luck, great people live to make great companies. I’m happy to tell that Tommy Gavalas of Perfect Ten Construction is one such example of man and company. What Perfect Ten offers is in the unique envelope of Tommy’s own personhood, sealed with the security that he and his team will get the job done. What I mean is that, before anything, Tommy is a person who cares about his customer satisfaction and works to satisfy their needs while also holding himself accountable to his own high standard of performance. Perhaps it is Tommy’s good-naturedness that drives him to arrive his sense of personal fulfillment through unveiling work that exceeds customer expectation. It has been a great personal satisfaction of mine to witness and engage in a shared enthusiasm with Tommy about completing detailed project objectives and the objective as a whole What is absent of most businesses today is that they suffer a loss of the human element; that they depart from their original intention to create something meaningful. Tommy doesn’t merely lay bricks, he’s there to understand what it is you seek to produce and breathe life into every piece of it as he puts it together. Contractors such as Tommy understand that what they leave behind belongs to history, that changing a single room inside of a home can be as meaningful as improving the face of an entire neighborhood or city. I have unwavering faith that Tommy will continue to reach for the stars, at least to touch clouds, stretching above us all like skyscrapers, but I will be forever humbled to have been a member of the family for which he created his very first restaurant, Amylos. It is without reservation that I endorse Tommy Gavalas of Perfect Ten Construction for any commercial or residential work imaginable, it will be an experience you won’t regret.

John Arvanitis II


Over the past few years I had the pleasure of working with Mr Gavalas on several projects, he always conducted himself as a gentleman and a professional and I hope we can work together on future projects

Paul Skarlatos


I’ve worked on many large scale projects with Tommy. He has the ability to make an incredibly difficult job look easy. He has many years of experience and many connections, but his natural talent for problem solving and construction give him that edge that makes a good job great. Tommy is the first contractor I call when I have a new project.

Corbin Plays